• How musicians are being held hostage by their limiting beliefs
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    How musicians are being held hostage by their limiting beliefs

    Attention-grabbing headlines turn heads and sensationalize what might otherwise be just a strong, solid response to a problem, not an actual hostage situation. What’s the problem? Our motivation is being held at ransom How many musicians do you know struggle with thinking they are not good enough? Perhaps they want to come across as humble or self-deprecating, when in fact, it was an expectation of others that eventually became an internal, limiting belief. Our thoughts and beliefs are what drive us to accomplish anything, and many times performers let those thoughts and beliefs subdue our true potential, our desires, and our motivation to get better. I’ve seen it a hundred…

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    Musicpreneurs get the skinny!

    It’s a British term, I believe. Getting the skinny is slang that suggests there’s no fluff – we’re getting down to the skin of something without having to navigate layers of lace and denim or whatever else covers up the essentials. Anyway, James Newcomb recently invited me back to speak on his podcast at Musicpreneur.com, and apart from having quite a bit of fun, we get into some serious eye-opening approaches to making the world a better place with live music. Listen to the episode here: http://musicpreneur.com/podcast/why-are-classical-musicians-so-sad/ http://musicpreneur.com/podcast/why-are-classical-musicians-so-sad/ Then, on Thursday afternoon (September 6, 3pm Eastern time), James and I will be giving performers some great strategies for giving your life…