• British American Conductor Composer Maestro Stephen P Brown Psalm Piece 3 Piano solo classical music

    New piano solo – Covered

    Here is my psalm composition quest’s third piece of music: Click here to get your copy of the score For those of you “Psalmsters” following along with this project, you’ll know that this piece of music is based on Psalm 32. This psalm explains how sin is not eliminated, but covered from God’s view. Hence the title of the piece “Covered.” The number 3 plays an important part throughout the psalm, and therefore my piece has lots of three’s in it as well. The introduction, for example, consists of 3 notes. Constructing this piece was most interesting. There are clear elements in the psalm that include instruction, experience and even…

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    Too adventurous for our own good?

    There was recently an unscientific poll taken amongst office workers in the USA. Whilst a myriad of issues, concerns, quirks and considerations could be used to undermine the results, I’m not really caring. Instead, I’m choosing to see that classical music not only made it onto the list, but is way, way up there in third place.   My favorite relaxation technique is… Walking or jogging – 47% Meditating or deep breathing – 19% Gardening – 12% Doing yoga – 6% Listening to classical music – 15% Total votes: 1147 Apart from the momentary joy, doesn’t this bear thinking about? We have lots of Garden Centers and garden sections of…