• British American Conductor Composer Maestro Stephen P Brown Psalm Piece 5 Choir Choral

    Piece #5: Rescue Me! for choir

    The fifth piece in my composition quest was quite an adventure. Definitely surprising. “Rescue Me, Recover Me” is based on Psalm 130, and the title stems from the term “redeem” which this psalm…

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    Do you ‘wing it’?

    Setting up a plan of action really does seem to work, wouldn’t you agree? As the Psalm Setting Quest was formulating, for fun I figured out a way to determine in which order…

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    Psalm 19 Poll

    Should my next piece of music be composed for just violin and viola, or should I include a soprano as well? [polldaddy poll=”7072357″] For more information about this 7-year project, click here.