Vision Mission Values

[pre-2014 – to be updated]


Stephen P Brown is a deeply adventurous and creative impresario who often uses classical music to help extraordinary and active people looking for a reflective challenge, to find fulfillment through their own participation in everyday and special live performing and visual arts events. He believes in being honest, showing integrity, providing fair treatment, demonstrating a caring attitude, being loyal, and doing so consistently.


By the end of my productive life, I see several (7 to 10) arts centers throughout the world with similar organizational structures and facilities. All performing ensembles and visual arts teams are closely involved in each center’s local community, but also travel and spend time at other centers. Each center also houses an advanced education department, and being a graduate of “Stephen’s School” is an esteemed accolade that reassures any potential employer the recipient is entrepreneurial, talented, skilled, experienced, and ready to serve. Performing groups and exhibitions tour constantly with all events always full to capacity. People love the live arts environment because of my centers, and encompass them as part of their everyday life.

In the meantime, I’d be happy to:

  • travel the world conducting orchestras, choirs, concert bands, musicals & dance performances;
  • travel the world attending concerts in which my compositions are being performed;
  • travel the world teaching performance master classes, workshops, entrepreneurship, and career and/or life balance coaching.


  • Sharing mission: To help YOU inspire the world.
  • Selfish mission: To compose 150 new pieces of music by my 50th birthday.
  • Impacting mission: To facilitate an inspiring celebration of all art forms that will attract global attention and show off artistic talent during a week-long regional festival beginning May 2014 and ending May 2020.



Everyone is positively affected by live classical music. In the US, we seem to have forgotten how and why. (Courtesy of the Philadelphia Orchestra)

These are the MUSIC related things I value:

  • “…Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31b
  • All forms of music that provoke an intellectual, physical and/or spiritual response in listeners, whether they be experienced concert-goers or new to live concerts.
  • Musical performances that candidly enhance the life of every individual present.
  • Music as an integral ingredient of a wholesome general education, and which vindicates the understanding of mathematical, language, artistic and scientific concepts.
  • The sincere combined efforts of individual performers, listeners, composers, administrators, vendors and benefactors that contribute to the sharing of effective and affecting concerts.
  • The energy and talent of all who participate in making music before an audience.
  • The diversity of musical and non-musical cultural influences on music and its presentation.
  • The economic stimulation resulting from inclusive community collaboration when presenting live concerts and musical events.

Current Goals

In no particular order. Some are dated & specific, some are still dreamy:

  1. Conductor Composer Stephen P Brown's Festival of PsalmsTo compose 150 new pieces of music by my 50th birthday, one for each of the Psalms.
  2. To launch and host a Tampa Bay regional performing and visual arts festival that attracts global attention.
  3. To host a private VIP after-concert concert
  4. To conduct Walton’s Belshazzar’s Feast and my own work based on Psalm 33 for full choir and orchestra, on the last day of the Festival of Psalms on May 27 2020, with 5 choirs (3 from overseas) at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in front of 12,000+ people, and have it broadcast live globally.
  5. To launch a network of Classical Musician & Teacher Entrepreneurship 2-day boot camps around the USA, complete with follow-up accountability teleconferences.
  6. To launch a new self-financing and self-governing performing ensemble of which I am Artistic Director and which I can use to experiment with my compositions. The flexible instrumentation will permit many local performances around Tampa Bay in traditional and unusual locations, with occasional large-scale presentations.
  7. To compose a series of high quality compositions suitable for middle and high school students that accommodate flexible instrumentation but are also reflective of different culture’s musical characteristics.
  8. To break the mold of institutionalized Classical Music in the USA, to upset the Classical Music Establishment, and bring live classical music back into everyone’s daily lives.