Vision Mission Values


Stephen P Brown is a deeply adventurous Creative Visionary, an impresario who helps extraordinary and active musicians looking to accomplish more than they ever thought possible, to ignite their passion and find the confidence to unleash spectacular performances. He believes in being honest and loyal, showing integrity, providing fair treatment, demonstrating a caring attitude, and doing so consistently.


We see The SPB International Agency helping our world be a better place to live by:

  • Coaching musicians to succeed as performers, nurture their audiences, and cultivate their communities (Concert University);
  • Unleashing the excitement and ownership audiences and communities experience with live music (Live Events);
  • Producing live performances of Stephen P Brown’s music and original compositions (Concert Production);

Future plans include expanding Stephen’s classical music radio show into a station, a dedicated concert venue, and multiple trans-Atlantic festivals.


  • Sharing mission: To help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible.
  • Selfish mission: To travel near and far conducting orchestras, choirs, bands, ballets and theaters, and helping community decision-makers understand how vital live, in-person music is to a healthy social and human existence.
  • Impacting mission: To lead the Dunedin Music Society towards West Coast Florida’s first world-class dedicated concert hall, and to continue helping thousands of professional and amateur musicians get the clarity they need to be better performers, through the Concert University.


The SPBIA values people who are honest, faithful, generous, and committed. We value principles such as open communication, trust, accountability, self-motivation, responsibleness, win-win-win relationships, continuous self-improvement, and grace for self and others. We assume the highest quality is always the best option, that everyone has the best intentions and gives their best efforts, and loyal team players are committed to the improvement of the whole team. We value people’s privacy and taking care of what we are given stewardship of, including the lives and families of our team members, financial/ technological/ physical resources, people’s skills & abilities, our reputation, and those who trust us.

Current Goals

Why? What drives us all at The SPB International Agency to do this at all?

  • We want to improve our overall quality of life where we can live in an ideal home, travel often and in luxury, establish security for our families, and have plenty of time to spend with the people we choose… we recognize that we can’t accomplish this by working for others in Corporate minimum wage jobs.
  • We want to see classical music back in the real world, in people’s lives, as a “thing to do and experience” similar to options such as eating, sports, movies, beach, etc.
  • We want o see live, in-person music with real-world value as a normal expectation (i.e. tickets prices actually cover costs of performances!)
  • We get excited about improving peoples’ lives and helping them realize spectacular experiences and dreams.
  • All of us really want to share our gifts, and work for & with a really awesome team of A-player experts in their field, who kinda know what they want and are on mission to get it.


The reason the SPBIA exists, is to combine our best qualities and skills to shine very brightly in this darkened world, in order that our relationships help others blossom and grow into beacons of hope.