Bridging the gap between strategy and implementation, through organizational leadership, project portfolio management, and performing.

Stephen P Brown helps you cross the finish line.
Maestro Stephen P Brown completes 4.5 hours of swimming, bicycling and running in his first triathlon at age 49!

My array of experiences in a multitude of industries* enables me to see both details and the big picture, ensuring you can focus on the right things at the right time by setting SMARTER goals and actually living the vision you set for yourself and the organizations you support.

Clients, customers and fans often call me “Maestro” because I’ve been conducting orchestras, bands, choirs and stage musicals since I was 16, and as an author, coach, composer, conductor, educator, event producer, facilitator, presenter, project manager, radio host, and even triathlete, I can help you find joy in your life and work, and love in what you do and who you choose to be in your circles of influence.

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