“Great time conducting the Dunedin Concert Band; very nice bunch of fine musicians! Their director, Stephen Brown, is happenin’.”

Dr. Jeffrey Traster
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The most unexpected networking question. And answer.

Networking Events = Ugh. Unless you choose to make them interesting.

Networking involves a multifaceted approach and numerous mediums (media?).

A networking event is just one of them, and gets a really bad rap because of the really bad practices people tend to employ at them.

After years of avoiding every networking event that came my way I figured things might have changed by now.



Classic Pinellas Radio Founder, Conductor Composer Stephen P Brown, is committed to bringing good percussion music to life.

Classic Pinellas RadioLaunched earlier in 2016, Classic Pinellas Radio has already had an impact in the local Tampa Bay arts scene, and regularly plays globally to listeners as far as Australia and Germany. The goal of the station is to expose “normal people” to snippets of listenable classical music much like the highly successful Classic FM radio station in the UK has done for almost 25 years.

A better way to bring great music to life

Neither classical music nor the radio are dying out...

One of the most intriguing transformations live music has seen over the past 25 years has been the way Classical/ Orchestral/ Choral music is presented.

A large part of that has been to include non-classical repertoire in concerts, such as movie music, show tunes, and backing rock singers. But there is something else more supportive, easier to work with, and much more directly impacting: Radio.

In the UK particularly, the founding of Classic FM in 1992 shook up the classical music radio world significantly and, despite its original critics (some of whom have since appeared as hosts on the station!), it is now both a staple in British life and an important tool that reminds the public how important it is to include live music in their daily routine.

Now that opportunity is making its way to the USA.

Classic Pinellas Radio