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Dear #ClassicalMusic Fan,

Today only!

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Achieve Powerful Goals with Your Spouse: 5 Tactics to Get Aligned, Get Results, and Have Your Best Year Ever


If you want to design an amazing year and meet your goals, you’ll need your spouse’s buy-in and encouragement — and vice versa.

Plus, setting and achieving goals together does wonders for strengthening a marriage!

Come learn the do’s and dont’s of goal-setting together, plus discover the 5 “must-dos” for achieving big results with your spouse.

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A $50 gift for you

Dear #ClassicalMusic Fan,

Do you want this  gift card?

Well, I normally don’t write to you over the weekends but I couldn’t resist this one:

Michael Hyatt sent me a $50 gift card valid for the VIP Edition of his course 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever.


It’s a one-time gift that I’d like to pass on to you, if you’d like it.

It’s only valid until Tuesday 19th, though.

(That’s because the course will not be available for sale after Tuesday!)

$50 is the equivalent of 12.5% off the price of the VIP Edition (the most cost effective anyway, in my opinion).

If you are serious and are committed to signing up for the VIP course, let me know and I’ll send you the promo code to enter on checkout.Do you want this $50 gift card?

Remember: I only have one code, so it’ll go to the

first person who emails me and asks for it.

This is your year.

Invest in the course that will fuel your motivation and clarity… to make 2018 your best year ever.




Looking for inspiration? Meet Ray

Dear #ClassicalMusic Fan,

This is Ray.

Last year alone, he lost 53 pounds.

And… he paid off $400k in consumer debt.

For real.

Ray’s story is here — you’ll want to tune in because the goals he set for himself were BIG, and he hit every single one. The best part is, they were goals he was “going to do” for years…

Intention is great. But it only gets you so far.

You need a PROVEN SYSTEM to turn that intention into sustained motivation to actually stay on track all year long.

That’s what Michael Hyatt’s 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever is.

And believe it or not, Michael’s course was the magic that turned Ray’s life around.

Ray is not alone. There are tens of thousands of women and men who have gone through the Best Year Ever framework and found major transformation…

Check out their stories of achievement here:


You are not mediocre (Check out Natalee’s story) — so don’t live a mediocre life.

Get Michael Hyatt’s 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever and finally accomplish the goals you’ve always dreamed of.


By the way:

The kicker is… Registration is only open for a few more days. Don’t sit on this decision; just jump in! You are worth the investment. http://bestyearever.me/a19455/2018byesales


It’s not a random crusade

Dear #ClassicalMusic Fan,

Long-time reader of my letters Chris wrote to me:

“I want you to know that, even though I do not respond often to your e-mails, I always look forward to reading them.  I have learned so much from the wisdom you share with everyone.”

Do you know that getting emails like this is what contributes to my drive?

They are part of the reason why my ‘crusade’ (as my wife calls it) to help people rediscover live classical music continues.

And it’s working.

Every day I receive emails telling me that my letters have been helpful or had a profound impact on a life, and about once a week I get news of someone’s light bulb going off: “Now I get it!”

But I admit:

It’s not a random crusade.

My drive to make the world a better place through live classical music is one thing, and my crusade to help you engage in it more fully is another. But I also have a desire to turn my passion into cash (the bills have to be paid, after all!), and I am also keen to lift the value of classical music… of music… of the Arts to a more accessible yet prestigious status within the world’s operating perceptions.

None of that can happen at random.

Lots of decisions are made on a daily basis –

  • Do I write about this topic?
  • Are my readers struggling with that topic?
  • What did I learn that others need to know?
  • Should I write, speak, coordinate, or teach something to do with this topic?
  • Do I sell it or give it away?

And so on and on and on…

It gets exhausting if you don’t prioritize some parameters and guidelines over others.

Do you know the most common term for setting priorities?


Especially well-thought-out, considered goals that come with both a bit of action as well as reasoning… “Why do I want to achieve this goal?”

The result of setting SMARTER goals, turning them into plans, and identifying each “next step” as it is needed, can be seen in comments like the ones Chris made above.

It’s not always easy, but it’s so much easier when you have a plan.

And what plan do I use to plan my goals?

You’ll have to get Michael Hyatt’s course 5 Days To Your Best Year Ever to find out EXACTLY, step-by-step, how I do it!



  1. Thank you for reading my letters,
  2. Thank you for writing to let me know I’m being helpful, and for sharing your thoughts about the topics that matter to you, and
  3. Thank you for taking action to help make this world a better place.

Go set some truly awesome and achievable goals for your life in 2018, whether related to music or not:


And remember: there’s more to music than music – it can change the world for the better if we bring it to peoples’ lives.


The secret sauce that 25,000 people have found

Dear #ClassicalMusic Fan,

OK, I gotta make this really quick…

Michael Hyatt just released the newest version of his goal-setting master course, 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever™.


More than 25,000 students have been through the program — and there are some incredible stories of people achieving their dreams and experiencing life transformation.

Getting in the best shape ever…
Mending a broken relationship…
Getting promoted…
Starting a new business…
Investing in kids and family…
Overcoming debt…

The list of goals accomplished goes on and on, and it’s truly amazing.

And YOU can experience that same level of achievement in your own life this year: http://bestyearever.me/a19455/2018byesales

But there’s a catch…

Registration is only open for a short period of time. After that, Michael closes it down to focus on supporting the new class of people going through the program.

If you’ve been disappointed by how past years have gone… and felt like you’ll never actually achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself, this is for you.


Traditional goal-setting systems are broken, but Michael Hyatt’s 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever™ teaches a better way.

Sign up today!


The registration for this course is only open for a short period of time so don’t miss out, click the link below.



Free webinar: Navigate Your Way to Success in 2018

Dear #ClassicalMusic Fan,

You know those people who start out the year with numerous ambitions—and then end the year with nothing new accomplished?

You look at them and wonder, “Wow. What happened?”

Or, maybe that’s your own story.

It’s certainly been mine.

Too often, our well-meaning, shiny goals never get achieved, even over the course of a whole year.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Michael Hyatt is a bestselling author and goal achievement expert, and he’s teaching a free webinar about how to navigate your way to success in 2018.

(Basically, he’s going to teach us how to make sure we don’t undermine our goals!)


Register for the webinar here. It’s always free, but you’ll want to sign up quickly to reserve your seat.

2018 can be different than all the years before it. Learn how here. http://bestyearever.me/a19455/2018webinar


By the way, Michael says that through his decades of research, he’s identified five common mistakes that all people make—mistakes that lead to unmet goals and ruined resolutions. It’s all in the webinar! Sign up today. http://bestyearever.me/a19455/2018webinar


Just HOW OLD are you?!

Dear #ClassicalMusic Fan,

In order to accomplish anything in this world we have to understand how the world around us operates and approaches life.

Over many, many years of living in multiple different Cultures I learned not everyone thinks the same way.

But I must admit to still stumbling because I assume the best in people and see things with perhaps a little (okay, a lot) more positive-thinking and hope than the darker, more dramatic, negative perspectives propagated by mainstream media and the tabloids for so long.

I recently conducted a concert that included some music from the 1940s. I asked the audience if there was anyone who remembered music from the 40s (which would make them at least 80 years old, which is quite possible for an orchestra concert audience these days). My intention was to celebrate them, and help them indulge in some positive reminiscing of the good things from those days.

A few of the audience clapped and cheered, but all around me there were also boos and gasps.

That took me by surprise, but I quickly realized why.

Some folk in their 50s and 60s, including many in the orchestra itself, thought I was being rude by suggesting folk are “old.” It didn’t occur to them that having some audience members who were there the first time this style of music came into being was something worth celebrating. It’s like asking a crowd at a military veteran gathering if there was anyone present who served during World War II (they’d be over 90 years old now, still younger than the serving Queen of England and a similar age as several members serving in the U.S. Congress). Those folk would be automatically applauded, because “conventional wisdom” tells us they are worth celebrating.

But in music, such recognition is considered rude, apparently.

And if I ever write that auto-biography (we all have one inside us that we think no-one will ever read), I will include a few other examples of being similarly misunderstood because the “conventional wisdom” of the world generally approaches life with more covert animosity and skepticism than with love.

Such skepticism can influence whatever you want to accomplish in life.

Because, to accomplish something you need a plan.

One that you can implement.

But you need to understand how the world around you will affect that plan.

The mistakes people make when setting goals can be huge, expensive, and end up having a majorly negative impact.


Because they follow “conventional wisdom” and do what the marketing memes on Pinterest or Facebook tell them to.

The world isn’t always right, you know.

You can learn that the hard way, or you can get some some solid guidance not from the showy, flashy Hex-perts, but from others, like me, who have experienced life in the trenches.

For example, the most common mistakes when setting goals are identified and explored by Michael Hyatt in his latest webinar 5 Blunders that Can Shipwreck Your Goals (and How to Avoid Them). These blunders are all based on what “conventional wisdom” has led us to believe over the past few decades, yet they’re not actually very helpful! Currently, over 22,000 people have signed up to watch this webinar, which is still nowhere near enough to make its content particularly conventional – it’s all still good sense (albeit not very common anymore). And VERY useful if you want to accomplish anything.

There’s still time for you to join in, make the most of what honorable Corporate CEOs and small-business owners like Michael have learned for real, and navigate your way to success in 2018.

Choose a convenient time to watch the webinar now, while it’s still available: