All humans have a pulse and therefore rhythm. Sharing our rhythms with others is the foundation of Music, or "organized sound."

In today's noisy society, audiences and performers alike easily forget how happy and at peace they can be when their physical, emotional and spiritual passions are ignited by live classical music.

Maestro Stephen P Brown takes residents, members, visitors and musicians on spectacular heart, mind and soul journeys that are the talk of the town for days, weeks, and even years.

"I have learned more in the past year under your direction than I have over the past 50 years!"
Dave Snider

"Stephen is professional but very empathetic. He knows how to deal with players of varying capabilities with humor and skill."
Jane Rondin

"Stephen P. Brown is a very amusing and entertaining guy. [The audience is] very obviously completely enraptured by what he’s doing. Which is — and I didn’t really think anymore that it was possible — playing modern classical music that’s utterly accessible and stunningly lovely. All while showing everybody a ripping good time."
Morristown Green

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"Stephen is a very charismatic emcee. He will draw the audience in with charm and humor. He is a demanding conductor who gets the best from his players with encouragement instead of criticism. He has grace, poise and an incredible ear. In 25 years in music I’ve never worked with someone like him before."
Kathleen Haft

"I actually woke up this morning thinking about how wonderful it would be to not have to wait until next Summer to work with you."
Mara Gurevitz

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